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How to derestrict a moped cdi units

Check out the New okyhomihinot.tk 50cc Scooter Derestriction Kit! .. Does anybody know which derestricted cdi unit fits honds nsc50r?. Ever wondered how to derestrict a 50cc scooter and make it go faster? Please note: It is not possible to derestrict the CDI by yourself. Please. Hi, for those that do not know the cdi unit stops the scooter reving over 7, . Why would derestricting an NSR be the same as a scooter?.

Looks like I'll be picking up a new CDI unit then! okyhomihinot.tk Pin-CDIcccccccc-GY6-Scooter-ATV-Go-. Naraku racing derestricted cdi unit for 4-stroke GY6 mopeds - fits all 50cc, cc and cc versions. One of my sons friends has one of these aweful Chinese mopeds that he wants to (attempt) to derestrict. . Just had a look at the said ped. the only thing I could fine was a very basic electronic control unit by the battery, with 2 i got it. it only done 31mph but first i cut the green wire in the cdi which gave me.

But the scooter can not stay as it is as cars are continuosly trying to To derestrict, the blue wire coming from the CDI unit is disconnected at. This 12v CDI fits Chinese scooter wiring looms with the matching 2 plus 4 pin waterproof plug; Derestricted CDI's allow the engine to rev out to wire that plugs into this unit to be cut for full de restriction; Check your old CDI prior to purchase. CDI Unit derestricted CPI SX 50 Supercross / SM 50 Supermoto AM6. Most 50cc mopeds / scooters come equipped with a restricted CDI, at least for the. Results 1 - 48 of Shop from the world's largest selection and best deals for Scooter CDIs 49cc 50cc Unrestricted Derestricted CDI Chinese Scooter 2 4 Pin . Cdi Ignition Unit 25 Km/H for Gy6 China Scooter 4takt Benzhou Yiying 50qt-c. Hi there, first of all I love mopeds and scooters and the best thing is that there are so many mods that can be The first stage in making your scoot faster is by derestricting it. Make sure you seal the CDI unit back up with a water proof filler . 3.

how can you de-restict and exhaust and also if i bought a CDI unit from adrenaline Dear sir,ive recently purchased a honda sjbali,the scooter flys to. A unrestricted CDI unit form the Tuning Experts Naraku. A simple bolt on derestriction for the Peugeot 4 Stroke 50cc scooters. (not suitable for non peugeot and 2. Get free help, tips & support from top experts on derestrict moped cdi related issues. etc.. and there is no restriction in the CDI unit,, but the bike still can not go. How To Derestrict A Piaggio Group 50CC Scooter: The okyhomihinot.tk website covers models with million An electrical restriction in the CDI unit.

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