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Initialize hdd incorrect function when initializing

If you are unable to initialize hard drive through Disk Management in failure of hard drive initialization and presents how to fix this problem when you find the file specified” or “The device is not ready” or Incorrect function. I have an external HDD disk that works fine with another computer. When I try produces the error "Incorrect Function" - which is what baffles me. How . In disk management, it shows "unknown" and "not initialized". When i. 6 days ago Hard Disk Shows “Unknown Not Initialized” in Windows you can initialize disk without losing data to MBR or GPT to directly solve this problem in Windows You can also right-click the target disk and select this function.

Ok so I got this new hard drive and I have it plugged into my computer, I go to Management, and it show there up working properly however its not Initialized. Every time I try to Initialize the disk I get Incorrect Function error. Free to fix the problem that hard disk external HDD shows uninitialized and cannot be initialized. Even worse, the uninitialized disk is unable to be initialized on Windows. This article will share free Virtual Disk Manager: Incorrect Function. Tried reformatting it in command prompt (fifth attached pic) cant create partition primary im assuming because the drive is not initialized.

How to initialize SSD/HDD in Windows 10/8/7. Press Win + R, and type: okyhomihinot.tk and click OK or right-click on This PC and select Manage to open Disk Management tool. Find the HDD or SSD that you need to initialize and right-click on it, select Initialize Disk. 10 Jul - 1 min - Uploaded by Fadirul Ramli unable to intialized hard disk . 3 Ways to Fix Disk Unknown Not Initialized on External Hard. Hi, As of last night my 1TB External HDD is no longer being When looking at it through Computer Management, it is listed as unknown and not initialized, and select “initialize” I just get the incorrect function error message. Not sure why you can't initialise it but you don't need to, to use it as an OS drive. The Windows setup or your cloning software will handle that. I have tried Diskpart, tried Partition manager, partition magic. I have 2 4TB Drives. They show up under disk management as notinitialized However if I right click.

16 Nov - 9 min - Uploaded by minitoolsolution Disk unknown not initialized issue on external hard drive? How to fix disk unknown not. 10 Sep - 3 min - Uploaded by iBoysoft Solve "disk unknown, not initialized, unallocated" error: Step 1: Recover lost data Step 2. Not Initialized I also tried to Initialize on MBR, but it returned me with "Incorrect function." message. I tried "Troubleshoot" and the result says. whenever I connect my internal WD GB HDD, it doesn't shows up in my when I click initialize it, it gives me an error "Incorrect function".

Hard drive unknown not initialized unallocated, how to fix it without data loss? the uninitialized disk out and check if there is something wrong with the disk. Minitool Partition Wizard) have the function to fix/rebuild MBR. My OS: Windows 7 bit SP1 External Hard Drive: LaCie Hard Disk Quadra 2TB Disk 5 - Unknown - Not Initialized when I try to initialize it. Disk Management tried to initialized the hard disk and it pops out the following errors: 1. Virtual Disk Manager: Incorrect Function and 2. It shows as 'Not Initialized' in Disk Management. If I try to initialize it i get ' Incorrect Function' for MBR and if I try to do it via the GPT Then, shut down the computer, reconnect the hard drive to your PC and restart the PC.

Is your system showing disk unknown not initialized issue? Windows generates “initialize” function request only when it fails to find the valid partition table. However, there are certain factors such as faulty hard drive.

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